… And The Happy Glamper’s first retreat: Base Camp @Big Ridge is Born.

Hello, Glampers! It’s been a minute since I’ve gotten bloggy. We’ve spent 2021 mostly off grid in the after-hours. Too much of anything is bound to drive you crazy and I had gotten completely over-saturated and full of anxiety with the news and events of the world. I wondered how my small voice could ever compete with such social injustice, a pandemic, and wars over face coverings. So, I did the only thing I could do to help, which was to leave my Airstream mobile office and go into the classroom and teach, as my small rural area has a huge deficit of teachers at the moment. On the work days and weekends, we disconnected and traveled. We’ve stayed pretty local, which is not what The Happy Glamper was intended to do at inception, but we are anything if not flexible, and have plans to broaden our horizons again this summer.

I will tell you that teaching this year has been, by far, the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life. Hug a teacher next time you see one, please.

Two things happened during this time: Our new baby box, iLoveNCbox.com was born. This will be a box dedicated for NC Realtors to give as closing gifts and will go live this summer! (It will also be available on our website for people who have Carolina on their mind.) ALSO, a huge bucket list item was checked off our list: Our first Happy Glamper Retreat Location!!!! Located in the Highlands of NC on Big Ridge Mtn, there are views at every angle and a lake in the valley! We are getting it upfitted as a vacation rental now, and will host our first Happy Glamper retreat there in the fall. Stay tuned for the excitement!

Most importantly, thank you for hanging with us as we are going through our growing pains. Changing to a seasonal box was a hard, but necessary decision to continue our growth. Our Spring box will be shipping on the 15th and it is (by far) my favorite yet!!! The theme is Flower (&Wi-Fi) Power, and our first box spoiler will be next week- There’s still time to get yours before they sell out! Use my code: SPRING5 to get $5 off your box.

Safe travels, and as always, Happy Glamping!

Brandi H.