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Brandi H. is the Founder and HGIC (Head Glamper In Charge) at The Happy Glamper- A Subscription Box, Blog and Lifestyle Brand for the adventurous traveler. Brandi achieved Road Warrior status by age 14, after traveling from coast to coast with her family. Visiting the iconic monuments and viewing breathtaking scenery across the United States gave her a Wanderlust that meant travel was now in her blood. From glamping in The Keys, to staying over a small charter boat company in Homer, Alaska, Brandi is always looking for new adventures- Ones she can now share with her husband and children.

Brandi also owns a real estate brokerage, is a Certified Health Coach, International Speaker, Writer and a huge advocate for land preservation, remodeling old houses, and getting kids outside. She lives with her family in the countryside of North Carolina.

Brandi at 14, strapped with a video recorder,

ready to conquer the West Coast!


What is Glamping?

We like to think of Glamping as Camping: Elevated. It’s taking the comforts of home with you on the road. It’s the perfect fusion of Glamour and Camping.

It’s walking out and enjoying a beautiful view after a great night’s sleep with your favorite coffee in hand, and not battling the line at the downstairs breakfast buffet. It’s more of relaxing in the hot tub outside, and less battling for space from the 8yr old cannonball-er at the pool. It’s thoroughly appreciating the creek trickling just beyond your deck, and not the lazy river screaming past you, full of kids and hairy guys in tubes.

It’s local, it’s in a distant land, it’s anywhere you bring a touch of glamour and coziness to enjoy the outdoors.

The Glamping Movement is trending and getting bigger- Want to join our Glamper Nation? Click Here!

Is There A Contract?
Absolutely Not. You can subscribe month-to-month (cancel anytime), you can pre-pay for 3 or 6 months at a time, or purchase an annual subscription for a free box!

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How Much Is Shipping?
Each box has an $8 flat rate. It’s not “built in” to the price of the box because we want to maximize the items you receive in each package, not use some of that cost to cover shipping. In fact, shipping actually costs more than you pay, but we absorb the rest.

Our deepest apologies to fans overseas and in Canada, we only ship to the United States at this time.

When will my package arrive?
We ship on or around the 10th of the month – You should be doing your happy dance in just a few days after!

All orders must be placed by the 1st of the month in order to receive that month’s box (unless we have extras). If you subscribe after the 1st and want the current month’s box, contact us and we’ll let you know if there are any left. Otherwise, you are subscribing for the following month’s box.

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Well, Hello there. We need to talk! We love working with small business owners, since we are one too!!! Email us with more details at [email protected].

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