Radiating Positivity in July’s Box

So, this month is #5 and it was my favorite so far! One of the many reasons I love The Happy Glamper Box is because I get to share my favorite things and lift up other women in business. Natural Life is a huge fave among women of all ages, and woman-founded in Ponte Vedra Beach. I could literally take one of everything in their catalogue. We settled on two different items for this month, and we are enjoying our tapestry as a car blanket.

My big hoo-ray this month tho, was getting a chance to work with Radiate Wellness and two of their co-founders Holly and Mary Beth. I’m going to go into Health Coach mode for a second- Did you know that if you have stomach issues or take acid reflux medication, your body is not absorbing vitamins properly? How much money have you spent on supplements and your body is getting a small percentage of that pill? Radiate Wellness products are a different option to get a measured dose of vitamins, and you rub it in topically, like a lotion. Based in St. Augustine, Dr. Randolph developed these cream based formulas, using plant-based ingredients- And I have to say that I much prefer rubbing in my magnesium instead of swallowing huge horse pills!


I’ve taken Radiate Calm, Energy and Balance for six month now, and I feel like a new person! Go on their website and read about Dr. Randolph and the co-founders- I will be happy to answer any questions you have, or point you in the right direction, about Radiate Wellness or anything else! I hope you loved the box and I encourage you to continue on the journey with us- It only gets better from here!

Happy Glamping!

Brandi Honeybear, Head Glamper