Greetings From The Glamp Camp!

An Update From Headquarters:

When Do We Get To Go Glamping Again?

Hello, Happy Glampers!  I hope you are staying safe and well- It is a true blessing if you are “Happy” during this time, and we need your secret. I have played outdoors for the last six weeks, but in a different way than I would normally prefer. Fortunately, our weather in NC has been amazing. I’m up at dawn and down with the sun most days, staying outside, away from most of the news and hoping that tonight is the night I won’t wake up with my stomach in knots and my heart beating through my chest.

You see, the number one thing I do for pure joy is planning our next adventure. Whether it’s three hours away, three states away, next weekend or a year from now- I love having something to look forward to. I realized this weekend that what I love to do, or rather- the lack of, is what’s causing me the most anxiety. When will I be able to plan our next adventure? When will we all be able to go and enjoy a good getaway again? It’s the uncertainty of the immediate future, and when things will return to “normal.” 

I can tell you that for most of us, our new normal will be staying inside the United States for a while. I started this box to get Outdoor Divas enthused about all the amazing places our beautiful country has to offer- To give a taste of a different region by supporting their local businesses and showcasing them. Anyone can get outside and explore America! 

As the weather continues to warm and restrictions begin to ease up, we are continuing our mission, as it’s more important that ever now to support local small businesses and support our country. Glamping will become even more trendy, as it’s the perfect way to social distance from the masses. Keep following us and we will continue to bring you new and great ideas to plan for your next destination!

Stay safe and well, until we meet again.

Happy Glamping!

Brandi H.